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ODE Insulation Systems

ODE starting its commercial life in 1986 as a contractor firm, in 1990 it has become an importer firm , a producer in 1996 and today, taken its place among the major producers of the insulation sector.

With six modern production plants and representatives of several leading foreign insulation firms, ODE has an important position as a producer. What makes ODE privileged and superior, is the availability of the products being used in building and installation insulation.

Thanks to the joint ventures set with R-Flex; ODE, gained more and more experiences on making international business and started to use its intellectual properties worldwide.

In six modern production plants which have 120.000 m2 open and 35.000 m2 closed area at total, ODE  produces, Glasswool (ODE Starflex),  Ekstruded Polyethylene Foam (ODE Flex), elastomeric rubber foam (ODE R-Flex), extruded polystrene foam (ODE Isıpan), flexible air ducts (ODE Ductflex) and polymer bitumen waterproofing membranes (ODE  Membran).

Serving since 1996, ODE Flex production plant is now the leader of the sector with best quality and a capacity of 1000 ton/year.

ODE R-Flex, the first rubber foam production plant of Turkey was put in service in 2000. The production capacity of the plant is 5.000 ton/year. Today, nine different trademarks are being produced and exported to several countries from ODE R-Flex using the newest production technology.

Following ODE R-Flex, extruded polystrene foam production plant ODE Isıpan was put in service in 2001. The annual production capacity is 180.000 m3/year. The 6.600 m2 closed production area of the plant puts a wide range of products into market for various purposes of use.

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